Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Baby Bjorn Carriers

Keeping your baby close to you and safe during cold and flu season is probably something that is on your mind if your baby is born during the fall or winter months. Babies can not fight off illness as easily as older children and adults, and the flu can be especially bad for babies that were born premature. There are many things you can do to protect your baby from illness, and some tools that can be helpful in allowing you to lead a semi-normal life while you wait out the flu season. The baby Bjorn carriers may be just what you need to get out of the house while protecting your baby.

The baby Bjorn carriers have been around for a while, and has been a favorite of parents that use it. It looks something like a backpack, but you can wear it on the front or the back of your body. The baby fits nicely inside with support for the head if the baby is still young. The baby can sit on the front of you with their head on your upper chest and an older baby with good head control can ride on your back. Not only is this great for smaller babies, but it is also a great way for parents to stay close to their babies when they have things they have to do.

It can be kind of hard to get the carrier on at first, but the baby Bjorn carriers are built to be very sturdy and secure so that you do not have to worry that your baby is going to fall if you have both hands engaged in an activity. The fasteners are snug and secure, making the baby Bjorn carrier a bit hard to get use to, but once you have it on and off a few times, you should be able to use it without too much assistance from anyone else. The straps are adjustable for different body sizes and also for the size of the baby.

How can the baby Bjorn carriers help protect your baby during the cold and flu season? It's quite simple really. With the baby so close, you can keep people away from your baby very easily. They have to get into your face to get near the baby. You can easily go for walks and even to functions with older children with your baby in the baby Bjorn carrier and keep them free from most germs and viruses. Simply throw a blanket over the baby carrier with a small opening for fresh air and baby is safe and secure and you do not have to stay home all of the time to protect your little one.

This carrier is a great gift idea for new parents, and is great for the baby. However, anyone wearing the baby Bjorn carriers should remember to stand up straight and to trust the strength of the unit. They can hold the bottom of the carrier with their hands if they worry about the unity of the carrier structure, but they should not walk with their back and shoulders in a backwards and awkward position. This can mean back pain for the parent very quickly. Walk straight up as you always would and the carrier will be safe, comfortable, and a favorite for a long time to come.

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